Keshava – A Magnificent Obsession

Keshava - To me            Going  With the title .. Maha Vishnu - Krishna is my obsession. Yep of-course My Magnificent Obsession(I am not vaishnavaite  by birth though). He is my lord and my inbuilt intuition who speaks to me from inside out.(oh yeah I ‘been Obsessed a little more.. May … Continue reading Keshava – A Magnificent Obsession


My Identity,My Rights?! Aadhar!!

The present NDA Govt is very keen in implementing UPA Govt's strategies and their previous announcements  ... One such move is AADHAR! And I got enrolled too!( After I was sent back on for the reason of not wearing  Dupatta 😦  ) I took up two leading stuffs to carry on with my topic! One is … Continue reading My Identity,My Rights?! Aadhar!!